Saturday, 15 December 2012


           The  Secret of Love
If U see what I see,
You will feel it.

If U feel as I feel,
You will seek it.

If U seek as I seek,
You will find it;
But what is it?

If U say as I say,
You will know it.

If U know what I know,
You will not hesitate;
But what is it?

If U get what I got,
You will hold it.

If U hold as I hold,
You will care it.

If U care as I care,
You will love it;
But what is it?

If U love as I love,
You will treasure it.

If U treasure as I treasure;
You will search for it.

If U search as I searched,
You will find it.

If U find as I found,
It will be yours.

If it is yours as mine is,
You will be happy as I am.

If U are happy as I am
You will last forever.

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